CM Powerstar 3 Ton Electric Chain Hoist

CM Powerstar 3 Ton Electric Chain Hoist
Item# PS3
Regular Price: $26,082.00
Sale Price (*Std. Options): $16,656.26
Suspension*:  Lift Speed*:  Lift* (Feet):  Voltage:  Flange Width (inches) or Beam Size (e.g. W10x49):

Product Details

  • Chain Container = Included for 20 foot Lift, Not included for any extra lift, See Accessories Below
  • Flange Width Range: S12 x 31.8# x 5 to S20 x 65.4# x 6.25
  • Headroom = Lug 28-15/16 inches, Trolley Options 31-1/2 inches
  • Duty Cycle = H4 or Better
  • NEMA 4 Rated Push Button Control
  • Standard push-button drop is 4 ft. less than lift
  • Parts of Reeving = 1
  • Motor: Single Speed 5 HP, Two Speed 5/1.7
  • Larger Motor (For Lift Speed 32, 40, 32/11 and 40/13 FPM): Single Speed 7.5 HP, Two Speed 7.5/2.5
  • 1-year warranty

  • *Adding some options will increase the price of the hoist. These options are indicated by the notation at the end of an option line. i.e. $(+5.25) will add $5.25 to the Sale Price.


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